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At Sloane psychology we are experienced in working with the following emotional and behavioural difficulties and disorders:


·        Depression

·        Anxiety

·        Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

·        Post traumatic stress Disorder

·        Panic Disorder

·        Social Anxiety

·        Health Anxiety

·        Phobias

·        Eating Disorders (bulimia, binge eating disorder, anorexia nervosa)

·        Work related stress

·        Generalised Worry and Stress

·        Sexual abuse

·        Relationship difficulties

·        Bereavement

·        Alcohol related problems

·        Sexual identity related difficulties

Our psychologists can also help you reflect upon your current behaviours in order for you to alter those that prevent you from achieving your life goals.  In addition we can help you develop life transformative skills for interpersonal effectiveness, assertiveness, emotion regulation and distress tolerance. 

As well as tackling emotional and behavioural issues therapy can help you with personal development, increase in self-awareness and performance enhancement. 

Psychosexual Therapy

At Sloane Psychology we offer Sex Therapy for individuals and couples based on cognitive behavioural principles. The sexual difficulties treated are:

·        Low Desire

·        Difficulties with erections

·        Premature ejaculation

·        Difficulties with orgasm

·        Vaginismus

·        Painful Sex (dyspareunia)

·        Sex addiction

·        Sexual abuse

·        Changes in sexual behaviours in relation to ageing, life transitions and illness.

For more information on sex therapy please see our Psychosexual Therapy page.